The Barra MacNeils have embarked on a bold new musical journey with the debut of CATHEDRAL. The production is described as a musical adventure combining the best of many worlds - a selection of the past millennium's greatest musical compositions, featuring the power of the pipe organ with the delicate, sometimes driving sounds of the mandolin, fiddle, and whistle, all happening in a beautiful cathedral setting. From Vivaldi to Styx, ancient chants to Bobby McFerrin, Barras to Bach, CATHEDRAL will take the audience on a unique musical adventure.

The concept for CATHEDRAL first emerged from conversation between the Barras Sheumas MacNeil and Halifax based producer Brookes Diamond, where Sheumas revealed he had spent his university days at Mt Allison learning to master the pipe organ.

"It was a surprise to learn Sheumas had his degree in pipe organ", says Diamond. "...and the idea of combining the music of the Barras with the power and traditions of the pipe organ in the settings of the great cathedrals of the world began to emerge. The group liked the idea and Cathedral was born."

Sheumas agrees. "Pipe organ was always one of my favourite instruments to play, but we didn't have one at home and they're hard to find in concert halls, so it all just fell out of the picture. It's been great getting back at the pedals and the keys, experimenting with so much new and old material."

Stewart MacNeil has been happily surprised at the way the show has been coming together. "The whole family has been involved, suggesting pieces from many genres that have been lifelong favourites while discovering material that we'd never heard before. The organ certainly adds a powerful new sound and we've been enjoying learning some amazingly interesting music."

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